Žilėnų homestead by three lakes in Moletai district

Zilenu farmstead-bowery surrounded by a forest and three lakes is situated on a peninsula Labanoras regional park. There is forest and lakes all around.

In our farmstead you will find:

  • Three comfortable modern houses;
  • Banquet hall (up to 20 persons);
  • Bathhouse on the shore of beautiful lake;
  • All conveniences are available.

It is an ideal place for those who prefer to have a quiet rest. It perfect place for fishing, conferences, camps and family rest.

Two-room apartment on the first floor No. 1

Price: 70 EUR / night.

Three-room apartment on the second floor No. 2

Price: 65 EUR / night.

Two-room apartment on the second floor No. 3

Price: 65 EUR / night.

Three-room apartment No. 4

Price: 75 EUR / night.


You are welcome for recreation and vacation in our homestead, located in a unique place - peninsula in Moletai district!